Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Picking Beans in PJs

Last year, we had mixed luck with the runner beans we planted. This year, we are full of beans! 

We are growing the Blue Lake Pole variety and they are coming along like a dream. Magic beans, indeed. And they have to be picked first thing in the lovely cool of the morning, in panda bear pjs. That's half the fun. The other half is a bean brunch- garden fresh beans stir fried in a bit of olive oil, garlic and sea salt. The girls eat them like chips and have coined their own term for it- 'chip-beans'. Whatever it takes to get the greens in, I am not complaining!

The beans vines are continuously setting new flowers and fruits. You can see that a lot of the leaves have been damaged by leaf miners. The edges of some also appear scalded. This could be due to the sun they get almost all day long but I didn't want to move them as they seem to be thriving in their current position despite everything.


My beans were started in 13 litre plastic buckets, 3 to a pot in potting soil + a handful of neem fertiliser and perlite. A month into the growing season, I topped the pot up with some more fertiliser. They have not been fertilised any other way. The watering has been religious though- a good soaking around the base of the vines every other day until the cooler temperatures last.

What have you harvested from your garden so far? Please drop us a line...


  1. amazing!!!! Lovely video too! Ur lil ones are adorable! Well done!

  2. amazing - you got a good crop too :) love your video!

  3. Lovely video,Shumaila! Your daughters are so cute ! I love beans cooked in coconut milk and nothing beats fresh ones.

  4. cute little one
    lovely site can't wait for summer to do some gardening :)

  5. I read about Bokashi composting system but never got a reply from the company about where to buy one. Also have you ever tried putting the fermented material between layers of sand? It's supposed to make potting soil to grow veggies in directly.
    thanks- just started my garden TODAY on my window sill in my flat in Sharjah. I'm a long time container gardener and have even grown fig and avocado trees in the US. Lets see what happens here, but I do need some nutrients because it's all indoors for now.

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  9. Hello Shumaila,
    I was wondering where you got the pole beans seeds.